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 Our user-friendly dashboard displays the data you need at your fingertips. Updated daily, you can view your key statistics on one easy to read screen.

Our drag and drop functionality allows you to display the data you need in order of priority such as alerts on your competitor rates, booking pattern by market segment, slow moving dates and much more.

The data on the dashboard is refreshed daily from your PMS so you know the information provided is accurate and up to date.


  • Customisable dashboard
  • Easily identify KPIs
  • User friendly screen

Revenue Management Software

The Rate Wise revenue management Software is a cloud based RMS designed to make intuitive rate suggestions using a finely tuned algorithm. This tool was built by a team of software developers and experienced hospitality professionals with the hotel, hostel and serviced apartment industries in mind.

Through cutting edge coding, intuitive algorithms and our in-depth knowledge of the industry, our revenue management software guarantees to optimise the potential of every room sold. Constantly reviewing data for 365 days ahead, our software alerts you to any unusual trends or significant rate changes in the market making yield management for your property much more efficient. It can be connected to a number of leading Property Management Systems and Channel Managers, allowing data to flow on an automated basis with little or no manual input required.

We will assist you in building the relevant room types, setting up your rate rules, applying seasonality parameters and selecting your competitor set. We will ensure your system is finely tuned to respond accurately to the trends of your business and the market place around you.


  • Variable pricing strategy
  • Maximise revenue
  • Integration with your PMS or channel manager if desired

Business Analytics Tool

Our Business Analytics Tool equips you with the ability to make astute decisions, faster! It allows you to analyse your property’s pacing for future months in comparison to the same time last year and against budget.
With an easy-to-view dashboard, you can analyse data and quickly identify where action is required.
This tool allows hoteliers to data mine any date range for a specific period. You can analyse what markets are performing and where you can improve. It also gives you the ability to zone in and analyse specific date ranges with low or high levels of occupancy… you’re in control!

All the financial data you could ever need is at your fingertips.


  • Ability to data mine
  • Calculated decision making
  • Consolidate your data

Pick Up Analysis Tool


Our new Pick Up Tool is an add-on to our Business Analytics Tool to provide you with a deeper analysis of your pick up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis broken down by Market Segment.

  • Easy to Navigate Screen
  • Overview and detailed analysis
  • Can be used as the basis for budgets and forecasts going forward


Our automated rate shopper enables you to identify your competitor set and monitor their selling rates and trends.

Your 3 main competitors are included, and you can enjoy a 90-day view of their selling rates.

  • 3 competitor hotels analysis(any additional competitors will incur a fee)
  • Automated daily rate
  • 90-day rate shop

Cloud Based System

The Rate Wise system is cloud based, meaning you can access and manage your property’s rate management strategy anytime, anywhere.
We have connections formed with leading project management systems and channel managers so, with one click, you can update your rates from our rate management system to your PMS and channel manager.

At your fingertips you will have access to competitor shopping reports, your properties room budget by market segment, last years’ data and your pickup for the coming 365 days.

  • Ease of Access
  • Increased Speed and Efficiency
  • Consolidating your revenue management strategy, your project management system and your Channel Manager.


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