Business Analytics

Business Analytics Tool

Our Business Analytics Tool equips you with the ability to make astute decisions, faster! We all know our PMS has our historic and future data available but it’s not always easily accessible. Revenue Managers traditionally extract all of this data and have to record and store all this information in their own Excel spreadsheets…. Rate Wise removes the necessity for this and presents it on an easy-to-read screen.
It allows you to analyse your property’s pacing for future months in comparison to the same time last year, final figures last year and against budget.
The monthly view is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard. You can analyse data and quickly identify where the action is required.

Monthly View dashboard

If you require more detail on the data, you can quickly look at the daily performance for any given month which breaks your figures down by day of the week and by market segment. You can also compare to same time last year and final figures last year.

You can analyse what markets are performing and where you can improve. It also gives you the ability to zone in and analyse specific date ranges with low or high levels of occupancy… you’re in control!

Market Analysis

As Revenue Managers we love to analyse data, and this tool allows you to filter down to day of week performance.

Day of the week
Financial Data Screen

All the financial data you could ever need is at your fingertips and available to export if required.

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