Revenue Management Solutions
Automate your revenue strategy

Revenue Management Solutions

Rate Wise is a leading revenue management company providing cloud-based revenue management software and revenue management consultancy to hotels and serviced apartments across the globe. Our RMS is trusted by many hotels across the globe, it integrates your revenue strategy, PMS data & competitor data and can send your rate strategy back out to your PMS or Channel Manager. In addition to our software, some hotels opt for a Revenue Management Consultancy Service in which we help hotels implement a revenue strategy, focus on maximising their revenue potential, reducing costs, reviewing distribution, growing brand production and implementing best practices.

Revenue Management Software

Consolidating all your data into one tool and helping hotels to automate their revenue & pricing strategy.

Revenue Management Consultancy

Helping hotels to optimize their revenue and distribution strategy, resulting in an increase in RevPAR.

About Rate Wise

20 years in Business

Established in Dublin

Operating in 6 countries

Experienced team

Our Clients

Results speak for themselves

20% increase in revenue
20% increase in Rev Par
website continuously outperforms the largest OTA by 18%

Pembroke Hotel results

I am pleased to say we have a team of highly skilled professionals working within our hotel, but there is reassurance when partnering with a professional revenue management company to help ensure that we are aware of new initiatives and are adopting best practice strategies on an ongoing basis.”


We find the team in Rate Wise extremely efficient and they always deliver on our expectations. At the start of the year we set our targets and goals and to date, we have exceeded all targets set. I highly recommend the service.

100% growth in leisure
Triple of groups revenue
72% growth in rooms revenue

benefits of rate wise

Results Driven

Implementing a strategy that that will grow your business.

Enhanced Productivity

Spend less time working on spreadsheets and clunky data allowing more time for analysis and decision making.

Increased RevPar

A solution that is always working hard in the background, driving your rate strategy forward.

Cost Effective

A revenue management solution that pays for itself.

Always On

Intuitive, easy to use, cloud based. Always working in the background.

Displacement Analysis

A system that can help you quickly identify potential growth.

Our Integration partners

Revenue management software

Integrated with leading property management systems, channel managers and booking engines.

Easy to use dashboard

Competitor analysis

Cloud based system

Business Analytics

Revenue management consultancy

We advise on everything front office related including integrations, software, distribution, pricing, benchmarking, OTA management, book direct strategy and competitor analysis.

Dedicated team

Industry experts

Results Driven


free trial

We are happy to offer a free trial to new customers. 

Frequently asked questions

Our Revenue Management Software (RMS) has been designed to save you time and is extremely user friendly. We use your own rate strategy, PMS data and competitor data to help make your rate strategy quicker and more efficient. Using an RMS saves valuable time when it comes to hotel revenue management and creates a more efficient work process for you and your team. It allows you more time to work on strategy and a high-level overview.

Rate Wise has integrations with a number of PMS Systems and channel managers. Our development team is constantly working on expanding our list of integrations so if your systems aren’t listed, please contact us to find out how we can still work together.

Training is provided by our Client Support Specialists and is available for as many team members as you need at no extra cost to you.

We work with a variety of property types from city centre budget hotels to 5 star golf resorts and everything in between. Once your property has at least 25 rooms and a PMS in place we’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together.