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Heights Hotel

When we partnered with Rate Wise, we had had a strong 2019 with high occupancies. Together we set the task to grow our RevPAR through our ADR. The team at Rate Wise have helped us implement a more streamlined market segmentation. This together with their detailed analysis tools and regular consultancy calls allowed us to identify gaps in our strategy and put a plan in place to grow our business, which has proven successful.

– Jason Doyle , Operations Manager

The Johnstown Estate

We have been working with Rate Wise for some time now, and find their rate yielding software helps remove the guesswork from rate settings, making the whole process quicker and more efficient. Their system is extremely reliable and their support team is always on hand to help with any queries.


– Melissa Noone, Revenue Manager

The Meadowlands hotel

The Meadowlands Hotel is a small independent hotel so hiring a dedicated revenue manager is not an option. Rate Wise has offered us rate recommendations through an experienced revenue management system which has maximised our profit levels. The team at Rate-wise is exceptional and always happy to assist and offer support. I would highly recommend.

-Heather MacIver , Sales & Marketing Manager

Lough Erne Resort

“We have been working with Rate Wise for a number of years, and it helps me manage rates and is easy to use, with excellent support from the team. The system works really well and you have the flexibility to set your own rules.”


– Stephen Cox, Front Office & Revenue Manager

Castle Leslie

“We at Castle Leslie have been working with Rate Wise for several years now and have always found the team to be friendly and approachable and nothing is ever a problem that cannot be solved.
Rate Wise have helped us yield and maximise our rate and we look forward to continual growth in our business over the next number of years.


– Patricia Donahoe, Rooms Division Manager

Cassidys Hotel

I have been using the Rate Wise product for the past number of years. It is a user friendly, effective yielding tool to help maximise average daily rates.

Rate Wise works on maximising yields ensuring that rate strategies are implemented 24 hours a day.”

– Fiona Smith, Revenue Manager

Pembroke Hotel

“I am pleased to say we have a team of highly skilled professionals working within our Hotel, but there is reassurance when partnering with a professional revenue management company to help ensure that we are aware of new initiatives and are adopting best practice strategies on an ongoing basis.”


– Paul Broderick, General Manager

Roganstown Hotel

“At Roganstown we’re too small to afford a dedicated revenue manager, with Rate Wise we have an experienced Revenue Management Department”


– Ian McGuinness, Managing Director

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