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Hotel Delphi exterior at night

Delphi Resort

"It is a pleasure to work with the Rate Wise team, they offer great support and Kyla is always on hand to answer questions and help with training."
Jackie Lydon
Revenue, Reservations, and Guest Relations Manager
Hodson Bay Hotel
Hodson Bay Hotel
"I really enjoy the Business Analysis Tool; I particularly like the pickup section of the report. As I work shift work it is important that I can review pickup on my return from days off."
Michelle Barrett
Reservations Manager
The Johnstown Estate Rate Wise Client
Johnstown Estate
"We have been working with Rate Wise for some time now, and find their rate yielding software helps remove the guesswork from rate settings, making the whole process quicker and more efficient. Their system is extremely reliable and their support team is always on hand to help with any queries."
Melissa Noone
Revenue Manager
Castle Leslie Estate image800

Castle Leslie

"We at Castle Leslie have been working with Rate Wise for several years now and have always found the team to be friendly and approachable and nothing is ever a problem that cannot be solved. Rate Wise have helped us yield and maximise our rates and we look forward to continual growth in our business over the next number of years."
Patricia Donohoe
Rooms Division Manager
Absolute hotel with river
Absolute Hotel Limerick
“The present dynamic in the recruitment market suddenly left the Absolute Hotel with significant skills void in revenue management. This is a critical skill set for the hotel in delivering profit to bottom line through rate and distribution strategy. We engaged with Rate Wise to support us in both areas. Despite the challenges coming in to support the business, I have been very happy with the support and stability that Rate Wise have given us. They have a great depth of experience in revenue managed and distribution and we have really benefited from this insight. I have no hesitation in recommending the Rate Wise team to oversee and guide a team within a hotel to ensure that opportunities are maxamised and risks minimised to deliver the best RevPAR for a hotel”
Donnacha Hurley
General Manager
Killarney Heights- Rate Wise Clients
Heights Hotel
When we partnered with Rate Wise, we had had a strong 2019 with occupancies. Together we set the task to grow our RevPAR through our ADR. The team at Rate Wise have helped us implement a more streamlined market segmentation. This together with their detailed analysis tools and regular consultancy calls allowed us to identify gaps in our strategy and put a plan in place to grow our business, which has proven successful."
Jason Doyle
Operations Manager
Meadowlands Hotel image

The Meadowlands Hotel

"The Meadowlands Hotel is a small independent hotel so hiring a dedicated revenue manager is not an option. Rate Wise has offered us rate recommendations through an experienced revenue management system which has maximised our profit levels. The team at Rate Wise is exceptional and always happy to assist and offer support. I would highly recommend."
Heather MacIver
Sales & Marketing Manager
Viking Hotel Waterford reception area looking onto reception desk
Viking Hotel Waterford
"As a General Manager, it is invaluable to get a detailed Monthly Revenue Report each month which incorporates all the data I need to review in one place, such as last month's and future months' performance, source data, and Traveller Intent information. On these calls, we build a strategy for the future with clear targets to be achieved by my Front Office Manager and the Revenue Team in Rate Wise. Everyone is accountable."
Karen Dollery
General manager
Sunsetting on Twin Trees Hotel
Twin Trees Hotel & Leisure Club
"We have been using the Consultancy Service in Rate Wise for the past 3 years. We have a dedicated account manager Vincent, who has in depth knowledge of the software systems (Siteminder and Hotsoft) we use and is always on hand to help with any system set up or functionality issues."
Rachael Moylett

Pembroke Hotel

"I am pleased to say we have a team of highly skilled professionals working within our hotel, but there is reassurance when partnering with a professional revenue management company to help ensure that we are aware of new initiatives and are adopting best practice strategies on an ongoing basis."
Paul Broderick
General Manager
Roganstown Hotel & Country Club Reception
Roganstown Hotel
"At Roganstown we're too small to afford a dedicated revenue manager, with Rate Wise we have experienced Revenue Management Departments."
Ian McGuinness
Managing Director
Exterior of Galway Bay hotel with water front
Galway Bay Hotel
"The Business Analytics Tool has proved invaluable for our hotel - the market segment analysis allows me to identify quickly what trends are happening in our area and we're able to adapt and react much quicker."
Laura Whitford
Reservations Manager
Flannerys Hotel Galway

Flannerys Hotel Galway

"Having a more advanced form of technology, in RateWise, helps us in the revenue management aspect and holds us in a more beneficial position in reading the market with real time data enabling a more efficient yielding process. The system is most effective and reliable and the support team is always helpful. RateWise is an invaluable tool in the continual growth of our business."
Michelle O'Connor
Revenue Manager
Trinity Townhouse Entrace
Trinity Townhouse
"Rate Wise software has saved us considerable time and effort while ensuring that our room rates are always competitive. The ability to set rules and triggers for rate changes based on occupancy, seasonality, and special events has allowed us to optimize revenue without the need for constant manual intervention"
Fernando Klein
Hotel manager
Blue Haven Hotel Collection
Blue Haven Collection
"it was great to be able to work with Rate wise again, their implementation process was seamless and were able to find me work around to integrate with one of our PMS, love the new look and new features it has to offer."
patricia Hurley
Group Revenue Manager

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