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If you’ve ever been curious about a Revenue Management System (RMS) but aren’t sure where to start, we might be able to help – we’re making a very special offer to new clients by offering a Free Trial of our Rate Yielding Software so you can see the benefits of an RMS first-hand!

After your free trial has finished you can leave…… no questions asked!
Simply fill in your property’s details below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.


Terms & Conditions

As with any offer, there are some Terms & Conditions, and these are;

  • Limited time offer
  • New clients only
  • Free trial available on our rate yielding tool only
  • The free trial is only available if we already have a connection to your PMS provider (we work with all the main providers)
  • A minimum of 25 rooms per property is required
  • Free period of one month
  • Limited users for the trial period
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