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Rate Wises Revenue Management Software has been trusted by independent and branded hotels for 15+ years. Our system integrates your rate strategy, competitor data, Property Management System (PMS) data, budget and forecast data into one easy to use tool.

We extract the data from your PMS and makes rate recommendations for your property for the next 365+ days. With the click of a button your rate strategy can be sent out to your online platforms within minutes.

Having your revenue system automated saves valuable time, creates a more efficient work process and reduces human error, giving your team the time to work on strategy and a high-level overview rather than data inputting and reading multiple reports.

Our RMS can be purchased as a full suite of products or can be tailored to your property needs. Branded Hotels often have an RMS included in their PMS, but they don’t have the reporting capabilities that Rate Wise can offer. Our user-friendly dashboard displays data and key statistics you need, on one easy to read screen.

Software Features

Rate Setting

Automatic Rate Suggestions for the next 365+ days

Business Analytics

Ability to data mine


Holistic view of your pickup patterns


Forecasting for a rolling 12 month period


Up to date competitor rate shop

Rate Setting Tool
Shopper Tool
Pick Up tool
Business Analytics
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Benefits of Revenue Management Software

Increased RevPar

Time Saving

Optimize your business mix

Real time & Accurate data

Easy to Use

Always on

Rate Setting Tool

Consolidating your rate strategy into one place. Publish your rate strategy manually or use our autopilot function. You can anaylse your competitors pricing strategy, review your pace data and last year’s performance as well as monitoring high yielding dates performance.

Shopper Tool

Our shopper gives up to date data on your 3 main competitors for the next 180 days, additional competitors can be included if needed.

Pick Up tool

With just a glance, you have the ability to view pickup data for any date range for all future dates. This data can be viewed in a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view, broken down into market segment data. Identify trends and booking patterns so you can optimise your rate strategy.


The ability to forecast by market segment easily! All your data in one place making forecasting an easy task. Our tool includes pickup patterns, pace to last year, last year final and budget figures.

Business Analytics

Reviewing your business performance has never been easier, we store your data from 2019 onwards. Easily navigate your daily or monthly performance by market segment. The ability to compare to any historic years data and pace data. This tool includes business on the books for all future months, pacing data to same time last year, last year final figures, budget and forecasting data all by market segment. Quickly identify displacement by market segment or day of week performance.

free trial

We are happy to offer a no commitment, free trial to new customers. Let’s get started.

Frequently asked questions

We aim to have the system up and running and training complete within 2 weeks of your contract being signed.

We work with a variety of property types from city centre budget hotels to 5 star golf resorts and everything in between. Once your property has at least 20 rooms and a PMS in place we’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together.

Rate Wise has integrations with a number of PMS Systems and channel managers. Our development team is constantly working on expanding our list of integrations so if your systems aren’t listed, please contact us to find out how we can still work together.

Very easily, just click here  to fill in a couple of details about your property and a member of the team will be on contact shortly. You can also email [email protected] with any questions