We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Business Development Manager, Rita Quinn. Rita has held numerous sales roles and business development roles in the past and we are delighted that she is come on board to drive new business for Rate Wise RMS.

 Having worked in sales roles in many different industries, one of Rita’s key skills has been her adaptable and agile approach to sales & customer retention. Having lived in London for a large part of her career and helping develop start up businesses to large successful companies, we are only delighted to have her onboard with the team here in Rate Wise.

 Rita is looking forward to helping Ratewise grow our overall sales, our customer base and ultimately bringing Ratewise to its full business potential. As part of her role, Rita will help Ratewise attract new clients while maintaining existing customer relationships. She will demonstrate the benefits of using the Rate Wise RMS to prospective clients and she will ensure a smooth and seamless on-boarding and training process for new hotels. She will also travel to numerous trade shows around Ireland, the UK and Europe, promoting Ratewise products and services to potential clients and securing new business.

 ‘I’m very excited to be appointed the role of Business Development Manager, the future is all about software and software interfaces; even in our daily lives we are surrounded by it, it is something I am very passionate & excited about.’

 ‘I truly believe in the benefits that Rate Wise RMS can bring to hoteliers, even the basics like time saving, accuracy, no down time with team members days off, up to date reporting etc. Secondly the financial benefits it brings to hotels, as it ensures hotels are implementing their revenue management strategy for not just the immediate future but for 365+ days, which ensures hotels are identifying trends, driving their revenue forward and increasing RevPAR. It seems a very logical and next step forward for hotels.’

 ‘I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, to meeting existing clients, new hotels and to help grow the Rate Wise brand.’

 If you would like to meet Rita in person or like an online demonstration, please reach out. Rita  is contactable by phone on 01 639 1155 and via email on [email protected]