SiteMinder Secure Connection With Rate Wise

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SiteMinder Secure Connection With Rate Wise

Did you know that Rate Wise now has a secure API connection with SiteMinder? We are delighted to announce the working partnership, ensuring our clients get the best of both. Read below to discover their importance and how they work together to ensure your property is reaching its full potential.



SiteMinder is a channel manager, used around the world by properties of all sizes and star ratings. It is one of the leading Channel Managers and the most trusted in the industry. Their experienced teams, many of whom are or have been hoteliers in the past, deal with the technical jargon on your behalf, leaving you with more time to focus on your property, ensuring every guest has a wonderful stay. They connect with over 400 unique distribution channels across the world, ensuring your property is visible and bookable exactly where and when you want it to be.



Rate Wise partner properties who use SiteMinder as a channel manager are now able to seamlessly update and send rates directly from the Rate Wise system into SiteMinder at the click of a mouse. SiteMinder and Rate Wise can be integrated seamlessly with your front office operating system or other hotel software, some of which include Hoist and Bookassist. You can update rates across a huge number of distribution channels big and small, with minimal effort and no time wasted updating each OTA one by one. Our secure API (application programming interface) connection ensures information is passed seamlessly between systems with little to no delay.



Some of the benefits of the secure connection between Rate Wise and SiteMinder include:


  • One click updates your rates into SiteMinder, saving your revenue team a huge amount of time and effort in their daily working life. It also reduces the chances of human error occurring• Our custom-made reporting tools ensure you have a 365-day review of rates and updates on demand. Don’t waste time trawling through pages of reports, we ensure exactly what you are looking for is at your fingertips immediately.
  • Our custom-made reporting tools ensure you have a 365-day review of rates and updates on demand. Don’t waste time trawling through pages of reports, we ensure exactly what you are looking for is at your fingertips immediately.
  • When you use our new integrated system, you can be sure the systems connect seamlessly, with minimal errors.
  • With real-time updates, we have taken the hard work out updating your rates. SiteMinder and Rate Wise connect 24/7, pushing rates automatically out to your channels. You change your rates once and SiteMinder takes care of the rest.
  • The possibility exists, depending on your PMS, of having a fully automated setup with your PMS automatically feeding data in to Rate Wise which will then calculate the most appropriate rates and automatically push those rates out to the channels via SiteMinder. Perfect for ensuring spikes in demand are picked up even in the evenings and at weekends.


Rate Wise continues to seek new partners to expand our current portfolio of properties. We are also interested in adding new PMS systems, Channel managers, booking engines and other B2B links.

If you think Rate Wise is right for your property don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team at [email protected] to discuss how we can help streamline your property’s rate management.

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