Two Ways Rate Wise Can Support You Right Now!

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Two Ways Rate Wise Can Support You Right Now!

Staff Shortages are a common issue in the hotel industry at the moment. With little option, Hoteliers have to deal with high staff turnover and downtime as new team members get to grips with hotel procedures. Team members continue to rally together to cover the day-to-day operations during peak season, which more often than not, means administration tasks are given low priority. If this is a familiar problem for your hotel then our team at Rate Wise can help you!

We have two options that may help alleviate stress on your front office, reservations and revenue teams. Both options can be offered on a short-term basis to suit your business needs.

Our RMS helps you automate your rate-setting process, ensuring you are yielding rooms, while also delivering you on-demand reports so you can analyse your business without the need for team members to use their time pulling PMS data and formatting reports.

Our Consultancy service – with contracts available for as little as 6 months – will ensure you are implementing best practice and reviewing your rate and distribution strategies to ensure your costs are kept as low as possible while delivering the best return on every room sold.


The Rate Wise RMS is cloud based and is constantly evolving to ensure our partners always have the most important information available at their fingertips.

Our home Dashboard is easy to read and presents data in an easy-to-understand format

Rate Wise Revenue Management Pick Up Tool

Our RMS looks ahead to all future dates and alerts you to any trends ensuring you are optimising all rooms sold for all future dates. We are also able to connect with the leading PMS and Channel Manager providers allowing you to integrate with them making the whole process even more efficient.

Rate Wise Revenue Management Business Analytics

The Rate Wise Business Analytics tool has quickly become a favourite feature of General Managers and is their go-to when it comes to forecasting and analysing business performance. Forget about compiling reports, our system does it for you. All of your data is in one place such as Business on the Books, Budget & Last Year performance. This tool helps you quickly identify trends and gaps in performance. 

Rate Wise Revenue Management Tool

Our newest feature – the Rate Wise Pick Up tool – is an add on to the Business Analytics tool and dives further into your pick up to give you a much more in-depth view of your performance on a daily, week and monthly basis.

Rate Wise Revenue Management Average Daily Rate

Our RMS includes a rate shopper on your main competitors so you will always be up to speed on their performance


Our dedicated team of revenue management consultants have worked with both independent and branded properties and have a proven track record of increasing room revenue and ancillary sales for our partner properties.

We understand the challenges facing owners and management teams at property level, with high team turnover continuing to be an issue. Using our know-how can instantly help ease the pressure on a day-to-day basis. Our team can work alongside your team and support them, reviewing your customer base and putting procedures in place to drive room sales, reduce distribution costs, analysis of performance in your market place and give you a proactive approach to room sales.

We will carry out an audit of the systems in use at your property to ensure you are getting the maximum performance from them, as well as reviewing your OTA Management and helping reduce distribution costs across your channels. While OTA’s always seem to have the market share, we can help to implement a Book Direct Policy or adjust the one already in place to help push more bookings directly to your own website.

We’re always on hand to offer support, guidance and best practice advise. Your dedicated revenue consultant will conduct monthly conference calls with team members to ensure we are on track to hit any forecast or budget targets for the coming months.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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The Rate Wise team have over 20 years of hotel experience, helping our clients get the most from their revenue management. Our aim for our clients is to always get the best rate possible while making their day to day tasks easier to manage.

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