Why You Need A Book Direct Strategy

Nov 27, 2018 | Revenue Management

As experienced revenue managers we’re often asked the big question “How can I get more direct bookings through my website?”

While we’d love to claim that we can instantly convert all your OTA bookers to direct clients with the flick of a switch, unfortunately the process is far from clear cut.

Offering the cheapest rate on your own website seems like the obvious answer. Surely if your official website offers a better price than the OTAs then the direct bookings will come flying in? If only it were that easy.

Your rates may be the best out there but price isn’t always the guest’s key deciding factor. Perhaps your guests value loyalty points? Maybe they find your site’s booking process cumbersome? Is the booking fee putting people off? Even worse, what if they can’t even find your website?

At Rate Wise we’ve already done the hard work navigating this difficult path. We’ve tried. We’ve tested. We continue to innovate. Our winning formula combines a good revenue management strategy, a book direct campaign, working with our digital marketing team, which has resulted in a 35% uplift in website revenue for our properties.

If increasing direct business is a key focus for you this year then we can help, our team to discuss how we can help grow your business, contact us at hello@rate-wise.com