Pick Up Tool

Weekly view

Our new Pick Up Tool is an add-on to our Business Analytics Tool to give you a deeper analysis of your pick-up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis broken down by Market Segment.

  • Easy to navigate the screen with a weekly or monthly view
  • Overview and detailed analysis
  • Weekly view, (shown right) provides not only a weekly breakdown of your pick-up but also provides a day-by-day view detailing how your Occupancy, Revenue and ADR change as well
  • Total pick up for this year and next year are listed at the bottom of the screen
  • Pie charts colour code your pick up by market segment
Rate wise displacement blog pick up tool
Monthly view
  • Monthly view, (shown left) gives you an overview of your pick-up for each month for the next 12 months
  • Quickly identify pick-up by day of the week by market segment
  • Pie charts colour code your pick up by market segment
    Can be used as the basis for budgets and forecasts going forward

You can drill into your pick up for any date range you require.


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