New Rate Wise User Interface

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New Rate Wise User Interface

We’ve been busy updating our User Interface over the last few months and it will be ready to go live in October 2019. It has got a fresh, slick makeover, it’s easier to use, and more intuitive to move around!
Our entire portfolio of tools will now be accessible in this Cloud Based System; this means that you can manage your rate strategy anywhere and at any time. We have connections with several PMS’s (property management systems) and channel managers, so with a click of a button, your rate strategy can now be pushed out to your OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) within minutes.
Our RMS synergies your revenue strategy, your PMS data, your competitor data & your channel manager together.

We have introduced a new dashboard which has become home to a host of important KPI’s (key performance indicators). These will allow you to quickly view snapshots of your properties’ performance and detailed movement by market segment for future months and from this you can make informed decisions about your business. Our dashboard has some lovely new features like drag and drop which allows you to display your KPI’s in the order that’s most important to your business needs. All your information has been extracted automatically from your PMS and is updated daily so you know the data you’re reviewing is accurate and up to date.

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Our Yield Screen has had the biggest transformation; it is much more user friendly and very easy to navigate around. Viewing 12 months of data has never been so easy! All in one place you can review your properties data, your rate rules, competitor’s rates, event dates, same time last year data……… the list goes on! It truly is Revenue Management made easy!

Contact Rita, our Business Development Manager to arrange a Demo. We offer several different services from a yielding tool and business analysis tools to full management consultancy depending on the unique needs of your property. Contact us today to find out how we can help your property reach its full revenue potential.

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The Rate Wise team have over 20 years of hotel experience, helping our clients get the most from their revenue management. Our aim for our clients is to always get the best rate possible while making their day to day tasks easier to manage.

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